Our Company

Scubel is a management and information technology consulting organization providing services to commercial and public sector clients. We specialize in the development and integration of innovative business solutions and management services for the public and private sector. We believe in client empowerment, not dependence. We measure our success in the accomplishments and self-reliance of our clients.

Our approach is simple. We work together with our clients as one unit focused on designing and implementing solutions that will achieve your business objectives. The key to our approach is small, high-powered teams, combining our seasoned system professionals with the people who know your business best, your staff. This collaborative, smaller team concept gives us the ability to reduce implementation costs for our clients and accelerate the knowledge transfer process. Our approach fits the reality of business today: speed, quality, and value must all be combined together so that organizations do not have to wait years for the tools necessary to compete effectively.

Guiding principles of the Scubel approach:

  • Client empowerment and self-reliance
  • Listening
  • Focus on client needs and business objectives
  • Focused, high-powered teams
  • Short-duration, high-intensity project segments
  • Continuous knowledge transfer
  • Robust system testing