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Scubel comprehensive business and information technology solutions to Public and Commercial sector organizations. The Scubel team has tremendous experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest in IT solutions, strategies, and products. Our service offerings are focused in the following areas:


Scubel's Business Solutions offering is focused in two areas - Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. Scubel provides enterprise-focused solutions that are built on the foundation of providing better business processes and more efficient operations. We accomplish this by providing a team of consultants experienced in industry and technology sectors that work collectively with our clients to drive solutions that make sense. We strive for the perfect balance of technology implementation and process improvement across the entire enterprise.
Our consultants are experienced in traditional SDLC methodologies and cover the end-to-end development lifecycle for all of your business critical applications. We offer extensive experience for any stage of your enterprise development initiative. We tailor our approach to your needs, providing a practical solution that fits the problem, something often missed from a "canned" approach. We collaborate with our clients on the implementation solution, since no one knows your business better than you.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP consultants focus on SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft (Enterprise and EnterpriseOne) applications. We know that our success is only as good as our people and the valuable skills and experience they bring to our clients. All of our consultants bring proven methods, specific industry and product experience and a dedication to our client's success. We have accomplished this by building a corporate culture that is customer-driven and only provides rewards for total client satisfaction and complete delivery success.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM consultants provide deep industry experience and a skill set grounded in the latest CRM software packages, such as Siebel, Oracle and SAP. Our CRM solutions go far beyond the package configuration and include the complexity of building and sustaining a true customer-centric organization. Whether it is a stand alone CRM application or a deeper enterprise solution, Scubel is prepared to bring a team of highly skilled and experienced resources to your CRM initiatives that understand the goals and needs of a true customer-centric organization.


The right combination of experience, leadership, methods and tools is the cornerstone of a successful program or project. Achieving this success is especially difficult in large organizations where complex IT programs and projects are moving at significant speed with many distractions and changes. As a team of experienced consultants who have thrived in this type of environment for years, we understand these challenges and have built a service offering to address them. We do this through the application of deep experience, proven leadership, successful methods and valuable tools. All of these components are brought together within our Program and Project Management offering.

Program Management Office

As companies take on increasingly complex initiatives that require coordination, integration and synchronization across many related projects, they often look to establish a Program Management Office (PMO) to manage the transition. Scubel's experienced management consultants will work closely with our clients to design, deploy and operate a highly effective PMO that will achieve the following objectives:

Standardization : Driving consistency in processes and solutions across the entire enterprise.
Effectiveness : Ensuring that IT and other project-based solutions are delivered in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible, with appropriate quality control measures.
Efficiency : Eliminating redundancies and delays, fixing broken "hand-off" points and streamlining process bottlenecks .
Visibility and Communications : Providing near real-time visibility into individual projects, along with appropriate roll-up and exception reporting that varies by level and department.
Coordination : Maintaining awareness of all key interdependencies between projects and operating units; providing resource leveling (i.e., skills, knowledge, availability) across projects.

Project Management

Effective project management practices are as critical to the success of the overall PMO as they are to the individual projects because the PMO is only as effective as the projects that feed it. Scubel will work with our clients to develop a standard set of project-level processes, tools and templates that are designed to integrate with the PMO across the following management functions:

  • Status/Communications Management
  • Resource Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Risk Management
  • Issue Management
  • Quality Management
  • Scope Management
  • Change Management
  • Budget Management
  • Knowledge Management


Scubel understands the challenges associated with complex systems implementations. Integration of the right technologies ensures the fulfillment of the end-to-end processes that run your business or government agency. Building well architected solutions in today's complex enterprises requires not only an understanding of enabling technologies, but also experience in how these technologies can enable an organization to align its enterprise architecture and business initiatives.
Our Enterprise Integration architects provide the vision and technology skill sets to design and implement enterprise class solutions for our clients. Whether it is supporting the integration of an ERP or CRM solution or the construction of a front end web portal, our Enterprise Integration offering is a diverse yet focused solution that is aimed at providing these critical components of an IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Our Enterprise Architecture group has broad experience in designing Application, Data and Integration architectures for our clients, ranging from start-up companies to the Fortune 1000 and Government Agencies of all sizes. Utilizing best-of-breed architecture modeling tools and frameworks (including Zachman and FEA), our architects provide engineered results that are "usable", traceable and integrated reference guides able to evolve with the IT organization and enterprise application portfolio.

Business Process Integration (BPI)

Our architects bring a wealth of knowledge and experience implementing integration solutions for both public and private sector customers. We understand that few enterprises are built with a single technology, thus the need for a comprehensive solution for application and information integration is critical. Legacy systems quickly become "stove pipe" solutions without a more comprehensive strategy for integration. Our consultants understand the need to bring well designed integration strategy and solutions that balance financial investment and technology standardization, while consistently focusing on providing tangible results. Scubel's integration architects bring not only deep experience with today's enabling tools and technologies, but also best practices in applying integration patterns for our clients.

Web-based Technologies

As part of our Enterprise Integration offering, our desire is to help our clients navigate the nebulous world of "e-business" and all of the technology solutions that it entails. Our goal with this offering is to provide a service that drastically increases the benefits of IT investment through the application of some of these products and technologies:

  • Web Portal Technologies and Products
  • .NET and J2EE Technology and Solutions
  • Automated end-to-end workflow solutions
  • Mobile Solutions

Systems Implementation Support

Our consultants are experienced in traditional Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies and cover the end-to-end development lifecycle for all of your business critical applications. We offer extensive experience for any stage of your enterprise development initiative:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis and Software Selection
  • Systems Implementation
  • Vendor Management
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Training & Communication
  • Post-production support


Scubel's IT Strategy services offer senior executives the tools, talent and experience to effectively manage the challenges of running an efficient IT organization. Our solutions are aimed at improving overall technology and business coordination to establish a better run business through strategic IT alignment. We will help you understand and prioritize the needs of your business, then establish a portfolio management approach to managing IT initiatives and delivering measurable results.


Every Scubel engagement concentrates on the very real issues surrounding changes to processes and organizations. A technology solution is only effective if it can be deployed and sustained within the overall business. We have extensive experience analyzing the current capabilities and limitations of our client's business functions, then designing practical solutions for enhancing organizational effectiveness. These solutions include performance management, benchmarking, gap analysis and executive facilitation services. We provide tangible results, managing the entire change process.


Stakeholders are mandating that their organization's governance structure, processes and technologies be compliant with the company's objectives and policies as well as applicable laws and regulations. While Sarbanes-Oxley compliance is mandated for all SEC registrants, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit organizations have begun applying similar standards internally.
Scubel has developed a holisitc Enterprise Solutions Assurance approach that proactively identifies and mitigates risks during each phase of an enterprise's product/project life-cycle: Strategy & Planning, Implementation, and Operations. We have adopted industry best practices and standards in each of our service offerings:

  • Process & Governance Solutions
  • Independent Verification & Validation Services
  • Risk Management
  • Program Management Assurance
Additionally, our Enterprise Solution Assurance consultants bring business process and design and implementation experience. As a result, our customers have realized benefits beyond compliance:
  • Reduced implementation costs and schedule
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved decision making based on timely, complete and accurate information
  • Organizational and process efficiencies due to strategic alignment

Process & Governance Solutions

This offering is focused on providing Strategy and Architecture Reviews, Process Solutions, Compliance Solutions, and Governance Solutions from the perspective of the CFO and CIO of an organization.

CFO Solutions
SolutionCFO Function
Strategy & Architecture Review
  • Finance Function Roadmap
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • ERP Systems Assessment
Process Solutions
  • Finance Function Best Practices
  • CFO Council/OMB Best Practices
  • BPR and Six Sigma
Compliance Solutions
  • ERP Application Controls and Security Solutions
Governance Solutions
  • Corporate Governance Review
  • Finance Organization Design

CIO Solutions
SolutionCIO Function
Strategy & Architecture Review
  • IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Assessment
  • Software Evaluation/Selection
Process Solutions
  • SDLC Process Best Practices
  • SEI CMMI Framework
Compliance Solutions
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Review - Section 404
Governance Solutions
  • IT Governance Review
  • IT Organization Design

Risk Management

Our Risk Management services are focused on mitigating risks with existing business processes and systems. Our service offering includes:

  • Risk Planning
  • IT Security
  • Data Quality/Information Assurance
  • Business Continuity Planning

Program Management Assurance

Our Program Management Assurance offering focuses on ensuring that large-scale complex programs realize the benefits they were set out to accomplish. Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • PMO/Program Management Review
  • Project Quality Assurance
  • Benefits Realization

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